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DFSEdge (standing for Daily Fantasy Sports Edge) was an ambitious new website in 2013 catering to daily fantasy players. It sought to be the premier destination for those playing fantasy sports on a daily basis on sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and DraftStreet, bringing on a number of top analysts from the traditional fantasy world, such as Todd Zola (ESPN, Mastersball), David Gonos (Sports Illustrated), and Doug Anderson (RotoExperts) to provide analysis.

I spent the 2013 season as the Head of Baseball Research for DFSEdge, writing about strategy, conducting studies, making player recommendations, spreading my creative writing wings, and becoming more acclimated to the daily universe. I entered the daily space in 2011 when I wrote for industry-leading FanDuel, but 2013 was the first season I wrote about daily exclusively.

Unfortunately, DFSEdge went under before the 2014 season began, but before it did I made copies of most of my articles from the site and have preserved them here.

My love for daily fantasy cannot be understated, and I am very happily employed by Fantasy Insiders for the 2014 season, where I will be making picks, talking strategy, and presenting for the first time ever my very own daily fantasy baseball projection system.



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Strategy and Studies

How to Evaluate Batter Matchups
How to Evaluate Pitcher Matchups
How Important Is Home Field Advantage?
Can Park Effects Overcome the Loss of Home Field Advantage?
When Are Road Pitchers Actually Great Plays?
The Impact of Pitcher Handedness on Stolen Bases
Closers, the Ultimate Boom-or-Bust Tournament Play
'Closers-for-the-Day' as Value Plays
Why Pitcher Peripherals Aren't Good Enough Anymore
What Happens When Flyball Hitters Face Flyball Pitchers?
Are Road Pitchers More Likely to Throw Complete Games?
Are Road Hitters Better Investments Than Home Hitters?
How Often Do Catchers Sit in Day-After-Night Games?
Platoons and Why You Should Avoid Switch-Hitters

Site-Specific Strategy

Which Daily Site Salaries Are Driven Most By Current Season Stats?
Fantasy Aces and the Salaries of Injured Players
Are Pitchers a Boom or Bust Proposition on DraftDay?
Optimal Closer Strategy on Fantasy Feud
DraftKings' Quirky Roster Deadline Rule and Boom-or-Bust Players
Which Sites Are Most Similar to Fantazzle?

Daily Blogs

MLB Kicks Braun's Ass, Like Daily Unto Traditional
Switching Leagues on Player Performance
Batter vs Pitcher Food For Thought
Preparing for Trade Deadline Value Change
Fantasy Football Does Not Suck Anymore
Daily Blog for June 25
Daily Blog for June 18
Daily Blog for June 11

Articles About Me

Derek Carty Joins The Team At DFSEdge.com
Transition or Transformation: The Road From Traditional To Daily Fantasy

Who To Target Series

Note: Formatting is currently disastrous for all of these articles.
StatClash, an Easy Daily Fantasy Starter Site
Fantasy Feud and Daily Fantasy Baseball Closers
StarStreet and the Importance of Pitching
DraftStreet and Prime Lineup Spot Hitters
FantasyAces and Quirky Roster Construction
FanDuel and High-Win Pitchers
DraftKings and Elite Pitching
Fan Throwdown