Reminder: Compete against me for cash on FanDuel!

This is a reminder that on Friday, April 1, FanDuel will be holding a competition where you can compete against me in a daily league for free.  There are $250 in prizes, plus an extra $5 just for finishing ahead of me.  If you haven’t signed up yet and want even more incentive to play, keep reading after the jump.  I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

If you sign up for FanDuel before Friday and use this link to do so, you get $10 free (plus I get $10 to fuel my sure-to-be-newfound daily league habit).  This is perfect because also on April 1, FanDuel is running a separate contest that costs $10 to enter but has $25,000 in prizes and 150 spots paying out cash.  So essentially, if you use my code to sign up for FanDuel, you get to enter this contest for free and have a chance at a lot of money.

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but right there are only 703 entrants in the contest.  That means that if you have the same chance of winning as anyone else, you’re expectation would be to win $36 if the contest were today.  If you think you’re better than the average player in the contest, that number goes up.  There will surely be a few more entrants before Friday, but your odds still look like they’ll be quite good, especially since you may be able to play for free if you haven’t signed up for FanDuel yet.  Plus, since it’s on the same day as the THT contest, you can save time and use the same team.