LABR NL 2013 Roster

I did it again, guys.  I left a ridiculous amount of money on the table (see: $12 Chris Heisey, $12 Nate Schierholtz, $11 Ian Stewart).  After swearing I wouldn’t after doing so in the CBS AL league the week before, I went to Arizona last weekend and did the same exact thing in LABR.  Part of it this time was a mistaken belief that LABR was still using 10 pitchers (the rosters were shortened this year with the Astros moving to the AL and reducing the player pool), meaning I had allocated money to a roster spot that wasn’t there, and part of it was certain guys later in the draft coming cheaper than expected, but mostly I just failed to buy that one extra $20-$30 hitter that I needed.  I can’t count the number of times I lost out one of these guys by $1.  I was in on Ryan Braun, Matt Kemp, Aramis Ramirez, Brandon Phillips, Anthony Rizzo and a whole bunch more.  If I’d just gotten one of them…

Here’s the roster:

Position Player Price
C Travis d’Arnaud $8
C Wilson Ramos $8
1B Adrian Gonzalez $28
2B Neil Walker $17
3B Nolan Arenado $8
SS Rafael Furcal $6
CI Ian Stewart $11
MI Daniel Murphy $12
OF Angel Pagan $20
OF David DeJesus $8
OF Gerardo Parra $8
OF Eric Young $9
OF Chris Heisey $12
UT Nate Schierholtz $12
BN (1B) Carlos Lee R6


Position Pitcher Price
SP Clayton Kershaw $32
SP Dan Haren $10
SP Shaun Marcum $9
SP Mike Fiers $5
SP Brandon Beachy $5
CL Jason Grilli $13
CL Carlos Marmol $11
RP Tyler Clippard $3
RP Sean Marshall $5
BN (SP) Francisco Liriano R1
BN (SP) Jason Marquis R2
BN (SP) Wade LeBlanc R3
BN (SP) Jeff Francis R4
BN (RP) Jeremy Affeldt R6

I actually really love my pitching. That part of my plan I executed nearly to perfection (aside from the imaginary 10th spot, which was probably going to be a $1 Liriano anyway).  I didn’t necessarily expect Kershaw, but I wanted an anchor, whoever came at a bargain.  That happened to be Kershaw first, so I was psyched.  I wasn’t expecting Haren at that price, but I love it.  Friendly league, great offensive and defensive support, and the guy knows how to pitch.  A half-season of Beachy would be worth at least that, and in the meantime I can play the match-ups with my reserve squad.  I do really regret Marmol and not just splurging for a few extra dollars on a closer whose team actually likes him.  I think that will wind up as a mistake.

On the hitting side, I really like most of the names, I just wish there was one more $25 guy in the mix.  Because I didn’t get that guy, I took some risks later in the auction on guys like D’Arnaud and Arenado, who probably won’t start the year in the majors but could be serious forces if they get an early-season call-up (same with Ramos if he can re-establish himself as the starter and EYJ if he can get semi-regular at-bats).  This was also the reasoning behind Carlos Lee in the reserve rounds instead of another pitcher.  I regret Furcal dearly, wishing I hadn’t backed out of the late-round bidding war on Zack Cozart or just gone with Ruben Tejada instead.  Yeah, Cozart went for more than he was worth, but there’s no way Furcal will be as good, and I had all that money anyway.  I was in a risk-taking mood given the state of my draft, but this wasn’t the right risk to take.

I actually liked Schierholtz and Stewart, who I viewed as late-round back-up options and potential value picks for a couple bucks.  With different price tags on them, I’d be happy enough to own them.  I loved my prices on DeJesus, Parra, and Murphy, and I think I got small bargains on Pagan and Walker.

Hopefully I’ve now learned my lesson and will manage to put a better team together for Tout Wars NL.


Comment from Tramps
Time March 13, 2013 at 4:29 AM

It’s really interesting to see how an expert constructs a roster.

EYJ & Parra, although value upside picks are playing time risks. I think I would have rather spent the money on a Fowler or Gomez and then thrown a dollar or two at Cowgill / Tabata / Denorfia / Brett Jackson.

The inclusion of Arenado & d’Arnaud could be genius or could be two wasted slots if they don’t appear until September.

Beachy might be back by the ASB but his effectiveness in the second half is questionable, so again it could be a wasted pick.

I doubt I would have drafted 6 guys (EJY, Parra, Ramos, Arenado, d’Arnaud, Beachy totaling $46) who are unlikely to feature on opening day.

You mentioned that you were unhappy with the Marmol pick. Did you consider backing him up with Fujikawa or were Clippard / Marshall too irresistible?

What is worse, having $6 or $60 to fill the final 6 slots ?

Comment from Derek Carty
Time March 13, 2013 at 4:01 PM

Yeah, I’m actually pretty optimistic on EYJ and Parra’s PT. Gibson has said he’d like to get all four of his OFs 500 AB, which would be fine for Parra. And it’s not as if Eaton is anything near a sure thing or that Kubel and Ross have clean injury histories. Weiss has said EYJ will be a super-utility guy, so as long as the bat plays reasonably well, I see him with 400-500 AB and a chance for more if someone gets injured.

In a normal draft I may not go with Arenado and d’Arnaud at those prices, but as I said, I needed some upside given the context of my situation. If I’m going to target a prospect, though, both are the kinds I like: highly-skilled with a spot open in the majors.

The Beachy pick was made in part based on LABR’s unique rules that only original reserve picks can be moved to and from the active roster. All auctioned players and in-season pickups must remain active at all times (unless injured or demoted). So I get to stash Beachy on my DL while playing the match-ups on my reserve starters.

I should have picked up Fujikawa, but he went a little higher than I wanted and decided to pass. Given a do-over, I’d for sure have grabbed him (assuming I didn’t just grab a normal, non-Marmol closer to begin with.)

As for your last question, it depends a bit on auction dynamics. How late is it? How many players that are actually worth $10+ are left? How much money do other people have? If we’re assuming that most players of that quality are gone and you’ll likely wind up overpaying or leaving players on the table, then $60 for 6 is definitely the worse option. $6 for 6 at least implies that you spent money on players and got some bargains with the $244 that you no longer have. And it is even more preferable to have $6 for 6 in a mixed league than in an AL/NL-only league.

Comment from Tramps
Time March 14, 2013 at 3:02 PM

Thanks for the response. Very interesting comments, especially about Parra & EYJ’s playing time. I’ll follow your progress in this league with interest.