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FD – Catching Up

Since I haven’t posted in a while, here are the articles you may have missed at FanDuel:

BP – When Pitchers’ Stats Stabilize

I pick up where I left off last Monday, updating Russell Carleton’s old study looking at when various stats “stabilize.” Last week, I looked at when hitters’ stats stabilize, and this week I look at when pitchers’ stats stabilize. Also, don’t forget that I’ll be taking your fantasy question tomorrow at 1 PM EST during [...]

BP – When Hitters’ Stats Stabilize

I’m excited about my article at Baseball Prospectus today which updates the old Pizza Cutter study that looks at the point when stats stabilize for hitters using new data and an improved methodology.

BP – HR/FB, SIERA, and Luck

My latest BP article discusses how HR/FB and luck work from the perspective of a pitcher who doesn’t seem to follow the normal rules – in this case, James Shields. Is a pitcher with a high/low HR/FB always getting unlucky/lucky, or is there more to it than that? (Hint: there is)

New FanDuel Article – Umpire Projection Results

My newest FanDuel article is up today discussing umpire context adjustments. Last week, I discussed my system for projecting umpire stats. This week, we get into the interesting stuff of looking at how large the effects are, which umpires are the most (and least) favorable, and how to apply this to your fantasy teams.  Some [...]