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BP – The Home Run Derby Curse

My article at Baseball Prospectus today talks about the Home Run Derby Curse with some quick hits about other players of note. Also, if you haven’t seen them yet, definitely check out my studies from the past two seasons about whether the Home Run Derby Curse is for real.

Leaving THT, Joining BP

So today marked my last day as Fantasy Manager of The Hardball Times and my first day as the new Fantasy Editor at Baseball Prospectus. It’s sad to leave a place that’s been so important to me over the past four years, but I am very excited at the challenge of writing for BP. You [...]

New THTF Article – Velocity, strikeouts, and Colby Lewis

Spurred by a comment made here yesterday by reader Andrew, I have a new article up at THTF today looking at what we should expect from pitchers who have lost velocity on their fastballs this season.  The article focuses primarily on Colby Lewis, but it also examines just how important velocity is for striking batters [...]

New THTF Article – Age 27 Breakouts. Myth?

I have a new article up at The Hardball Times Fantasy today looking at whether 27-year-old players are more likely to break out than players do at other ages. It’s one of The Sporting News’ “Web Recommendations” for today.

New THTF Article – Common players on my 2011 fantasy teams

I have a new article up today at The Hardball Times Fantasy looking at which players ended up on my fantasy teams most often this year.  For those who have been following along as I post each roster, some of them may be obvious (5 players ended up on three out of five teams), but [...]