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FD – Context Adjustments: Catchers and Stolen Bases (Part 4)

My final article for this baseball season (and the final in my series on allowing steals) appeared at FanDuel last week, discussing the final piece of the stolen base equation: the pitcher. I also find the best and worst pitcher/catcher pairs in terms of allowing stolen bases.

FD – Context Adjustments: Catchers and Stolen Bases (Part 3)

Part three of my series on catcher throwing at FanDuel examines whether runners attempt fewer steals against catchers with strong arms. I also determine which catcher’s combine these two skills to be the best (and worst) overall at preventing stolen bases.

FD – Catching Up

Since I haven’t posted in a while, here are the articles you may have missed at FanDuel:

FD – Guaranteed Bargains on FanDuel

Today at FanDuel, I look at two classes of players that are systematically undervalued by FanDuel’s pricing system and the bargains that can be had for daily league players.

FD – How Bad Would it be to Start a Relief Pitcher in FanDuel?

My FanDuel article this week looks at whether starting a reliever is a sound strategy in FanDuel.