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CBS AL-only Experts 2014 Roster

There’s nothing better than waking up on the day of my first fantasy baseball draft of the year… unless I’m also waking up next to a supermodel… oooh, or two supermodels… or three… or, eh-hem, umm, my totally amazing girlfriend that definitely isn’t reading over my shoulder as I write this (love you sweetheart!). Last [...]

Tout Wars NL 2013 Roster

After false starts in my first two auctions of the year, CBS and LABR, I came to Tout Wars possessed, determined to spend all of my auction dollars at any cost, willing to eradicate any obstacle or distraction in my path, ready to slaughter baby seals and knock over old ladies if it really came [...]

LABR NL 2013 Roster

I did it again, guys.  I left a ridiculous amount of money on the table (see: $12 Chris Heisey, $12 Nate Schierholtz, $11 Ian Stewart).  After swearing I wouldn’t after doing so in the CBS AL league the week before, I went to Arizona last weekend and did the same exact thing in LABR.  Part [...]

CBS AL Experts League Roster

When readers new to auctioning ask me for advice, one of the first words out of my mouth is “patience.”  As in, when overanxious owners are bidding up players early, don’t feel compelled to dive into that cesspool with them.  As exciting as it would be to own Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout and Justin [...]

2013 FSIC NL Roster Thoughts

Earlier today, I completed my very first non-pretend fantasy draft of the season.  And when I say draft, I mean draft.  Most experts leagues use an auction format to distribute players, but the Fantasy Sports Invitational Challenge (FSIC) uses an old fashioned snake draft.  I can say with absolutely no reserve or remorse that I [...]