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BP – Yu Got the Look

My Baseball Prospectus article today looks at what we should expect of Yu Darvish. I check out the numbers, talk with some scouts over in Asia, and speculate on where he might end up.

Vote in the Internet Baseball Awards!

Baseball Prospectus is hosting the Internet Baseball Awards this year. Head on over to select who you would vote for for the various MLB awards (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year)! You can also check out my ballot if you’re interested.

BP – Can Pitchers Control Their Consistency?

My article at Baseball Prospectus today examines whether a pitcher’s start-to-start consistency is something they can control or merely random. Yovanni Gallardo was extremely inconsistent this year, with six starts of 5+ ER and five starts of 0 ER. Should we expect similar inconsistency next year? And is consistency actually a good thing?

BP – Playoff Prospectus

I’ve been busy this weekend recapping and previewing various playoff games and series at Baseball Prospectus. I also made an appearance on New Zealand’s LiveSPORT Radio to talk about the playoffs. NLDS Game Three NLDS Game Four NLDS Game Five ALCS Preview

BP – BP Fantasy End of Season Awards

The BP team of fantasy experts hand out our end of year awards.