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CBS AL-only Experts 2014 Roster

There’s nothing better than waking up on the day of my first fantasy baseball draft of the year… unless I’m also waking up next to a supermodel… oooh, or two supermodels… or three… or, eh-hem, umm, my totally amazing girlfriend that definitely isn’t reading over my shoulder as I write this (love you sweetheart!). Last [...]

BP – Yu Got the Look

My Baseball Prospectus article today looks at what we should expect of Yu Darvish. I check out the numbers, talk with some scouts over in Asia, and speculate on where he might end up.

FD – Context Adjustments: Catchers and Stolen Bases (Part 3)

Part three of my series on catcher throwing at FanDuel examines whether runners attempt fewer steals against catchers with strong arms. I also determine which catcher’s combine these two skills to be the best (and worst) overall at preventing stolen bases.

CR – The Reasoning Behind My Breakouts (Part 2)

At CardRunners, my latest article discusses what I saw in Alex Gordon and Curtis Granderson this season.

CR – Catching Up

Finishing up with the catching up, here are the two articles I’ve written at CardRunners Fantasy since my last post: How Well Can We Predict Saves? – The final article in my four-part series on closers, throwing all of the variables together to see how well we can predict which closers will keep their jobs [...]